Six Ways How to Keep Dogs Out of Garden

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Dogs are surely a man’s best friend but these furballs can be a nuisance in the garden. We do want them to be properly fed but snacking around the garden should be a strict no-no. Whether it’s your own dog or neighbor’s, a dog should always be kept away from the garden.

Sometimes the battle is quite hard and it’s almost impossible to refrain them from digging up the ground. However, we have gathered some simple yet effective ways to keep that curious dog out of the garden. So, keep reading to find out how to keep dogs out of the garden.

How to Keep Dogs Out of Garden?

Pet owners around the world struggle keeping off their dogs out of the garden. The safety of the dog should be the primary concern no matter what method you opt for. All the tips that we have in hands ensure the utmost safety and security of our furry friends.

Train the Dog

With proper training, dogs can do wonders. These furballs are super smart and with the right training, they will easily learn their boundary limits. Training the dog to stay away from the garden is one of the most effective options. However, some dogs are slow learners and some owners are not good trainers as well. 

You can train the dog to remain in a certain part of the garden and not enter inside of the garden. This way, you’ll not need to monitor the dog every time he is out there in the garden. There are many dog training videos available on the internet that will help you train the dog. You can seek help from a professional dog trainer as well.

Put up a Fence

This one is probably the most common and obvious way of keeping the dog out of the garden. The size of the fence should be put in accordance with the size of the dog. A fence that works for a puppy will certainly not work for an adult dog.

Also, the size of the dog is a matter of concern while building a fence. A fence that’s suitable for a Shih Tzu will not be enough to keep a German Shephard away. Make sure that the fence is big enough so that the dog can’t jump over it.

Use Spices

Dogs are not much of spices and applying spices on the garden bed will surely keep them off. However, don’t opt for anything super spicy that may burn their tongue. We have a simple recipe that will successfully keep them away from the garden.

Mix powdered mustard with dried pepper and spread the mixture on the garden bed. This unique blend of spice and pepper has been a super-effective way of keeping the dog away from the garden.

Plants that Dogs Avoid

There are many plants that dogs tend to avoid and they work as a natural dog repellant. Some plants have a smell that dogs generally dislike and they will stay away from them on their will. These plants are harmless for the dog and it will act as a natural barrier between the dog and the garden.

Plant the repelling plants surrounding the actual garden so that the dog automatically sets up a boundary for itself. Plants like garlic, chili, onion, and lemongrass are some of the common plants that dogs usually avoid. However, not all of them are suitable for every weather condition. So, choose the one that’s most suitable for your garden to induce a natural barrier between the dog and the garden.

Barriers Using Gravel

Dogs aren’t quite fond of the texture of gravel on their paws. You can use a mulch to create a path that will work as a barrier to keep the dog away from the garden. Mulch is readily available on any hardware store and they’re quite pocket-friendly as well.

Pinecone and needle mulches will work best as a barrier between the dog and the garden. These are designed to poke their paws slightly which will lessen their interests for future visits.

Chemical Deterrents

This is another most common methods that dog parents usually go for. Dog repellents are widely used by the dog parents to keep them out of the garden. Even though the name refers to chemicals, they are not harmful to the dog’s health at all. 

The chemical repellants are usually made with strong aromas that dogs generally dislike. Citrus and peppermint are the most common scents used by the manufacturers for the deterrents.

However, one drawback of these chemicals is that you need to reapply them often as the scent tends to wear out over time. Other than that, they’re super affordable and you can get them at most pet stores easily.

If your local pet store doesn’t have these handy then you can also make the deterrent at home using some simple ingredients. You can use peppermint oil or apple cider vinegar mixed with water and spray around the garden bed. This will refrain the dogs from entering the garden and also not deteriorate the health of the plants.

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Final Thoughts

Six Ways How to Keep Dogs Out of Garden

There’s no magic potion for keeping the dog off the garden bed. However, with little patience, you can successfully prevent them from creating havoc in the garden. Our love for the fur babies are divine, but the plants need a safe environment to thrive as well.

Keeping the dog’s age in mind is also equally important while deciding which method to opt for. A trick that’s suitable for puppies will not work as effectively for grown dogs. You can put up a separate place in the yard or around the garden where the dog could play. This will reduce the dog’s interest in the garden.

Ensure that the dog’s health is not in danger no matter whichever method you opt for. All the tips that we include will help you successfully keep the dog away from the garden. Do try them out and let us know which method worked the best for you.

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